Component Procurements

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Component Procurements

At WORLD electronics, we use our substantial connections with our procurement partners to achieve the best deal for our clients. We can produce a substantial number of pilot units prior to the official manufacturing stage, giving our projects clear direction, and can fast-track changes in materials and components because of our close relationships with our suppliers.

We then work with our clients to identify the parts in their product most likely to cause issues about availability, EOL, and NCNR. Once this is determined, WORLD identifies the best way of procuring these products, as well as the number to keep excess at a minimum but allow some spares to keep on hand to address any returns or repairs. WORLD’s custom-tailored ERP system manages the procurement of these parts within pre-set parameters. The result is preventing our clients from ever having to worry about addressing a spare part shortage.

ADLEX walk extra mile to offer one stop solution

  • Low volume prototype- high volume production
  • Sourcing & management of BOM required parts
  • Just-In-Time inventory management
  • Establishing global supply chain for parts
  • Cable harness solution as needed